Building a Backyard Pond

Having your own pond in your backyard is a great way to attract butterflies and birds to come in, you can make your pond any size you like and your yard can accommodate.  Your pond will be the focal point to your backyard space.  You can choose to have just a water feature or a pond with fish living in it.  You can have a prefab pond that you get at a home improvement store.  Building a backyard pond doesn’t have to be complicate, you can use barrels or containers and lots of accessories to make it unique.

Building a backyard pond


Before you pick up a shovel and start digging up your backyard you need to take the time to consider where you are going to put it.  You want to find a space that lets you see it from your patio or deck, while it still blends into the natural beauty of your garden.  The pond shouldn’t go in an area that is too sunny nor should it be left completely in the shade under the trees.  If you have a pond with koi and it is in the direct sunlight the water can get too warm and harm your fish.  So a little bit of shade is just what you want.

Landscaping and Setting Up

Once you have figured out just where the pond is going to go it’s time to dig the hole.  The size of your pond should be proportional to your yard, not too  big to overwhelm nor too small that it’s barely noticeable.   You can create a free form pond with some rubber roofing material to line the inside or you can buy a pre-formed piece of fiberglass at a home improvement store.

You want your pond to look like it belongs in your backyard and to blend with the surroundings and that will mean some landscaping.  You can also add lights so that it also stands out at night.  Remember this pond is going to need a water filter and something to recycle the water especially if you have fish.


If you want to put koi or some other fish in your pond you need to get the depth right, especially if you live in a colder climate.  You need a pond that goes deeper than the frost line if you want your fish to make it through the winter months.  Fish also leave waste and bacteria in the water so a filtration system is a must so that they have clean water to live in.

There are a wide variety of plants that you can add to the pond that work with the surrounding landscaping and it gives a home for your fish.